Sunday, July 31, 2011


So a friend of mine came to me the other day. We talked about meeting people on the Internet. He was upset because he felt like a yo yo. Even though he claimed to be over this woman. He was thinking that one day things would fall in to place for them. But he had finally let go. He felt as though he had wasted time. I assured him anytime spent in the pursuit of happiness was never a waste of time. However he had reached the end of his rope.
I guess we sometimes need that one thing to truly help you let go. Especially when you still harbor hope.
Well that's about it. He found that one thing..That one thing that helps you realize it wasn't you. Ever have that? Think someone may have wanted you after all but then you see something. And you realize what was put out there in cyber space was for someone else, not you?
For him it was a photo. I listened as he talked himself in to a calmness. He thought he'd be done with "cyber dating".

I myself have met men online. Thats funny for someone who was so stubborn and swore I'd never do a dating site.
Mind you I still say that. Why pay for one when Twitter is free? ;)
Regardless cyberspace can be a great place to meet someone who has the same interests. Someone who makes you laugh.
I still find it amazing how you can be so attracted to someone you've never met.
With that said it can be tough too.
Your left guessing about this and that. You have to make plans. Actually speak, if he or she lives far you plan to meet. It can be tough.
Not that it isn't if you met someone at the grocery store. But in todays world where everything is online it can be much worse. You wind up feeling stupid that you feel upset about this or that. For those of you in my age bracket or older, remember how easy it used to be. If they called they like you. Now it's did she give me props, did he like my post, did she favorite my tweet.
It's all apart of the new game I suppose.

Back to my friend, he wondered how he could keep going without doing the following/unfollowing, friending/unfriending on his favorite social media sites. He felt it seemed a bit much. A little added drama that wasn't needed.

I told him...
Trick is never let them see ya down, keep your head up and just keep livin.
And not to shut yourself down. Sometimes when life is at it's toughest you meet the most amazing people.

And that despite everything that happens I still remain optimistic...

Now back to the music xoxo

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