Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stupid Girl

I haven't written much besides a few short words and lyrics in quite some time.
So tonight after speaking to a girlfriend I realized a lot of us have the same basic problems in relationships. Things that sometimes seem trivial can add up and turn in to an issue. Which we're all guilty of, myself included.
But sometimes the things that are wanted are so easy. True some are hard, and unrealistic but the easy ones? ...
Well after listening I asked her what she wanted. Girls I'm sure you'll agree with some, I did.
She wanted to feel special. She said he made her feel like anyone else. Nothing separated her apart from anyone else.
She went on to say he made her feel like a puppy. When there wasn't anything else goin on.. then and maybe then he would give her attention.
Another friend and I recently spoke about similar issues and another girl. We agreed that he didn't want her. Blunt but true. We've all been through it.
And you can point that out in the nicest way to these MEN and WOMEN who are involved with these types and it won't make a difference.
They need to see it, feel it, figure it out on their own.
I told her it may be painful, a real hit to the ego, but one day she would be ok. What do they say? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? I say ~
What's past is past.
Look to the future.
Stand tall and start over.
Be strong. Guard your heart and put up that wall till your ready...
Ok enough talk. Back to the music.


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